CCAMLR is responsible for the acquisition, compilation, analysis and dissemination of data from all the fisheries it regulates as well as from research activities on harvested, dependent and related species within the Convention Area (Article IX).

 Most of these data are collected by Member countries via their fishing operations and research programs.

The data are submitted to the Secretariat's Data Centre where they are archived for subsequent analysis and discussion by the Commission, Scientific Committee and Working Groups.

As CCAMLR has matured data needs have continued to grow in order to support the refinement of management measures.

The data managed by the Data Centre include: fishery catch and effort data, data collected by scientific observers, research survey data, and data collected under CEMP.

Standard formats are used to facilitate the submission of data and to help ensure their completeness, comparability and accuracy.

Commercial fishery data, Scientific Observer data, Research data and CEMP data are submitted electronically using standard CCAMLR forms.

The data are crucial for the formulation of scientific advice on which to base the management of fisheries and marine living resources.

The Data Centre frequently responds to requests for data from individual scientists and research institutions in Member countries.

Data may be released only under specific, clearly defined protocols and in support of CCAMLR's scientific programs (see Rules of Access).

Aggregated fisheries data is published annually in the Statistical Bulletin.