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The first volume of the peer-reviewed journal CCAMLR Science was published in 1994, with one volume being published annually since that time. All articles in the journal are presented in English with French, Russian and Spanish translations of the abstracts and table and figure legends. These are the four official languages of CCAMLR.

The journal publishes papers dealing with conservation and the rational use of biological resources of Antarctic waters, and covers numerous disciplines including the biology, ecology and population dynamics of marine species, ecological interactions and relevant issues related to fishery economics and management. The unique feature of the CAMLR Convention, which requires that fisheries management be based on an ‘ecosystem approach’, clearly distinguishes CCAMLR Science from other journals in its field.


The journal policy requires that all manuscripts submitted for publication should first be presented to, and considered by, the CCAMLR Scientific Committee and its working groups. By doing this, two major goals are achieved: CCAMLR has immediate access to the results of new studies and authors have the opportunity to take into account comments from a wide range of scientists before their manuscripts are sent to referees. In every other respect, our journal operates in a similar manner to other specialist peer-reviewed scientific journals.

In 2000, the journal was evaluated by Thomson Scientific (formerly Thomson ISI) and selected for coverage in Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences and ISI Journal Citation Reports.

The journal is currently distributed worldwide, free of charge, to all interested scientists, research institutes, fishing companies, international conservation and fisheries organisations and a number of national and international libraries.

The tables of contents of all volumes published so far are now linked to pdf files of original papers. When cited, a standard bibliographic reference to the journal is required for all papers downloaded from the site.

To search for a paper by author rather than publication date, go to the ‘all volumes’ link below, use the <Find> function on your browser by pressing Ctrl + F on the keyboard and entering the author’s name.


CCAMLR Science, Volumes 1 to 18

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CCAMLR Science, Volume 1, 1994