CCAMLR Science, Volume 14

Volume 14 (2007)
Hill, S.L., K. Reid, S.E. Thorpe, J. Hinke and G.M. Watters. 2007.  A compilation of parameters for ecosystem dynamics models of the Scotia Sea – Antarctic Peninsula region.  CCAMLR Science, 14: 1–25.
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Candy, S.G., A.J. Constable, T. Lamb and R. Williams. 2007.  A von Bertalanffy growth model for toothfish at Heard Island fitted to length-at-age data and compared to observed growth from mark–recapture studies.  CCAMLR Science, 14: 43–66.
Roche, C., C. Guinet, N. Gasco and G. Duhamel. 2007.  Marine mammals and demersal longline fishery interactions in Crozet and Kerguelen Exclusive Economic Zones: an assessment of depredation levels.  CCAMLR Science, 14: 67–82.
Barrera-Oro, E.R. and E.R. Marschoff. 2007.  Information on the status of fjord Notothenia rossii Gobionotothen gibberifrons and Notothenia coriiceps in the lower South Shetland Islands, derived from the 2000–2006 monitoring program at Potter Cove.  CCAMLR Science, 14: 83–87.