Report of the CCAMLR Performance Review Panel

At its Twenty-sixth Meeting (2007), CCAMLR decided to undertake a performance review of the organisation during 2008. CCAMLR’s decision provided for the review to be carried out by a panel appointed by the Commission composed of nine persons as follows: four internationally recognised experts with CCAMLR experience; the Chair of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting’s Committee for Environmental Protection; an expert nominated by CCAMLR non-governmental observers; and three external experts with experience in relevant areas of science, fisheries management and legal matters. Page 1 of the report provides the names of the Panel members.

The purpose of the performance review was to evaluate the Commission’s performance against comprehensive criteria provided by the Commission and more generally against the objectives and principles set out in Article II of the Convention.  The review panel’s terms of reference, report structure and approach are provided on pages 1 to 3 of the Panel’s report.

The Report of the CCAMLR Performance Review Panel is available here. Responsibility for the content of the report rests exclusively with its authors.

The views and recommendations contained in the report do not necessarily reflect the views of the organisation, the Commission or its Members.

At its meetings in 2008 and 2009, CCAMLR reviewed the outcomes of the Performance Review and assigned a lead-body (Commission, SCIC, SCAF and Scientific Committee) to address each of the recommendations in the Panel’s report. Addressing these recommendations now forms an important component of the annual meetings of each of these bodies.

In order to provide a means to track progress in addressing the recommendations CCAMLR has produced a web-based synopsis of the report’s recommendations entitled ‘Combined Commission, Scientific Committee, SCIC and SCAF responses to Performance Review Recommendations’.