OBSERVATION SCHEME [Harvested Species  /  Fisheries Monitoring]

The Scheme of International Scientific Observation was adopted in 1992 under Article XXIV of the Convention.

The Scheme is designed to gather and validate scientific information essential for assessing the population status of selected species and the impact of fishing on such populations, as well as those of related and dependent species.

The Scheme does not discriminate between vessels engaged in fishing for scientific research or harvesting.

 Implementation of the Scheme is mandated by the Commission from time to time for vessels targeting most species in the Convention Area outside areas of national jurisdiction.

The Secretariat coordinates implementation of the Scheme through a network of national Technical Coordinators designated by Members.

To assist CCAMLR Members in planning observation programs and recording data, the Secretariat has developed a Scientific Observers Manual in consultation with the Scientific Committee, its working groups and observers in the field.

The Manual contains a comprehensive range of scientific observation guidelines and reference materials.

Electronic observer cruise report and logbook forms with instructions for recording observations have also been designed for fisheries deploying longlines, trawls (finfish and krill), jigs (squid) and pots (crabs and finfish).