Fishing gear library

Fishing Gear Library

This reference library is being developed as part of CCAMLR’s work on vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs). This work includes Members’ preliminary assessments of the potential for proposed bottom fishing activities to have significant adverse impacts on VMEs (Conservation Measure 22-06), the estimation of the spatial footprint of bottom fishing and the extent to which such fishing activities have significant adverse impacts on VMEs, and the development of management strategies for VMEs (e.g. CCAMLR-XXIX, paragraphs 5.1 to 5.7). The library contains CCAMLR meeting papers which have been released in the public domain with the permissions of the authors. Contributions to this library may be emailed to the Secretariat.

Longline Fishing Gear

Autoline System

Description of the autoline system (WG-FSA-08/60)

Risk assessment of autoline fishing (CCAMLR-XXVII/19, Annex I)

Spanish System

Description of the Spanish system (WG-FSA-06/5, extract from WG-FSA-11/53)

Trotline System

Description of the trotline system (WG-FSA-05/26, extract from WG-FSA-06/15, WG-FSA-11 report, Figure 5)

Impact on VMEs

Impact assessment framework (WG-SAM-10/20)

Bottom Trawl Fishing Gear

[no documents]

Pot Fishing Gear

[no documents]