The Commission strives to bind Members to agreed actions aimed at conserving the biota and environment to which the Convention applies.

Through its conservation measures a set of regulations has been established which constitute the CCAMLR management regime.

Key elements in this regime provide for the continued monitoring, control and surveillance of compliance with conservation measures.

The Convention contains a number of provisions relating to the enforcement of conservation measures (Articles X, XX, XXI and XXII).


These require Members to report regularly to the Commission on measures they have taken to ensure compliance with the Convention’s provisions (Articles XX.3 and XXI), as well as on steps taken to implement conservation measures adopted by the Commission.

The Convention also sets out general principles to monitor compliance with conservation measures through an inspection scheme administered both in port and at sea (Article XXIV).

These principles are embodied in the CCAMLR System of Inspection introduced in 1989/90.

The Commission has established a Standing Committee on Implementation and Compliance (SCIC).

Each year SCIC provides advice to the Commission on compliance issues, on the implementation of both the System of Inspection and the Scheme of International Scientific Observation, as well as on steps taken by Members to enforce compliance with Conservation Measures.


The latter depends on various procedures to be applied by Members in the reporting of relevant information.

In addition, SCIC deals with the operational requirements of the CCAMLR Scheme of International Scientific Observation.

An index of conservation measures in force is provided, and the considerations which they address have been grouped accordingly.